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Thread: Bionic Commando lunchbox contest entries!

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    Bionic Commando lunchbox contest entries!

    Post 'em here, folks!

    The deets:
    This thoroughly badass Bionic Commando lunchbox is not only attractive and super-limited, it also contains a bonus. Seth Killian of Capcom will be making you a tasty sammich, comprised of items pilfered from Capcom's employee breakroom refrigerator and packing it neatly inside to nourish your nerdy body.

    How to enter:
    Listen to episode 79 of RetroforceGO! for instructions on what to do. Post your entries in this thread by Thursday, February 26th, and we'll announce the winner on episode 81. Easy beans. If you have any further questions, we'll answer 'em here. Good luck!

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    If the world ever needed a new breed of hero, that time is now.

    That time is now.

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    So whoever makes an arm consisting of tinfoil, NES carts, and sausage fingers wins?

    Good luck, everyone!

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    ive got started on my arm... having some really good ideas. I need to know how the winner will be given the lunch box? Like i know it will be mailed but if we win will we get an email asking us for our information and ect.?

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    I guess this contest is for Americans only because I don't see that sammich being edible after international shipping since it would take a week or two to arrive?

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    my entry

    the picture attached is what i like to call

    "Bionic Cawilbo"
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    I'm working on mine now.

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    looks like work may have been involved. I was just thinking of sticking a garbage can on my arm or something lazy of that nature.

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    I didn't make it... but whoever did, did a great job.

    Seems like Bionic Commando fans go way back.

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    Here's my entry:

    As you can see it is one of the last generation of bionic arm:it is super realistic and is very good if you want to stangle somebody or play games.
    you can't see it here but the arm is so intelligent it can grow hair and has the feeling of being a real one.
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    seigfreid's Avatar
    1,139 posts since Jan 2009

    I'm uploading the pics right now but in the meantime ill tell you the materials I used for my arm...

    Lots of Scotch Tape
    Contra 4 ds case
    Animal Crossing Ds Case
    Plastic bottles
    canned tomatoes
    2 cans of coke
    2 ds game holders
    a compostion notebook
    tin foil
    1 hot dog bun

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    seigfreid's Avatar
    1,139 posts since Jan 2009

    Ok, heres the arm...

    And heres me wearing the arm

    heres another pic...

    Also on the arm it says RetroforceGo! Contest Entry

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    2 posts since Jun 2007

    Bionic Slayzer-mando

    My awesome foil and toilet paper tube bionic arm, complete with extendo action! coming soon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by seigfreid View Post
    Ok, heres the arm...

    And heres me wearing the arm

    heres another pic...

    Also on the arm it says RetroforceGo! Contest Entry

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    Machine Mayhem Gun's Avatar
    4 posts since Dec 2008
    I called this one "The Original Bionic Commando Arm"
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    After days and days of working on this bionic arm without the least bit of rest, it's finally finished!

    I wish I had better quality pictures, but I was too busy pouring my time and effort into this to waste it on building a 10 megapixel camera (I could have totally made one if I wanted to).

    But you're all probably ready to ask, "But Ness, does your bionic arm actually work?" Let me answer that question in the form of this .gif...

    The answer? OF COURSE IT DOES. It's the most scientifically advanced bionic arm on the face of the earth! It even lights up and lifts up to TWO WHOLE POUNDS (As seen in the other photos).

    Anyways, enjoy the rest of the pictures showcasing the fruits of my labor.
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    lol that's Awesome.

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    158 posts since Dec 2007
    got mine finished... didnt turn out so good
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    Quote Originally Posted by whoami40 View Post
    got mine finished... didnt turn out so good
    What did you use for the arm itself? pringles can?

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