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Thread: Get Wolfenstein for Free

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    Get Wolfenstein for Free

    The designer's offer is apparently no longer standing.
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    There's absolutely no chance. None whatsoever.

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    You never know... can't blame him for trying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dv8withn8 View Post
    You never know... can't blame him for trying.
    It's actually a damn good marketing idea. I'm sure Heir realizes that there's no chance in hell that this is happening, thus there's no chance that he'll actually have to pay this out. However, he'll likely get at least a few extra purchases because of this deal, so he'll come out of the deal smelling like roses.

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    What Kauza said. No chance wolfenstein will outsell madden, but this publicity stunt is likely to draw in a few more buyers.

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    Give whoevers idea that was a promotion!

    Balls of a bull.

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