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Thread: Street Fighter 4 - Valentine's Beatdown! (PS3)

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    Senisan's Avatar
    1,926 posts since Oct 2006

    Street Fighter 4 - Valentine's Beatdown! (PS3)

    <3<3Valentine's Beatdown!<3<3

    With the 360 guys creating a SF4 tournament, I thought it was about time the PS3 crowd had it's own. Want in!? Then post your PSN, availability and timezone! Do your best! Get it on!

    ***Update*** I decided to extend the deadline to Sunday because I intended on writing up a reminder this week but didn't because the internet was pretty crappy in the condo I was in. Dtoid Tourney Reminder

    Registration Deadline is 02/14/2010. I'll set up the brackets and have something for you guys Monday.

    -Double Elimination
    -3 of 5 Rounds
    -2 match wins advances

    Additional Information:
    I forgot to mention that this will not be a one day event. I'm hoping that this will last for no more than 2 weeks and have all matches wrapped up by the end February.

    Contestants so far: (username : psn)

    Jesus H Christ: JohnTheCrow
    Senisan82: Senisan
    Casualweaponry: casualweaponry
    Bullettrain: RPGEmperor
    FlatTopJesus: BonesawIsReadyyy
    Avalon: Avalon51
    Wedge: Dtoid_Wedge
    Haxan: Haxan
    Yojimbo: k0wb0y-b33b0p
    TheCleaningGuy: TheCleaningGuy
    Shinryu: Shinryu108
    Squirrelyg: Squirrelyg
    Solgrim: Solgrim
    el scotto: Buriash

    Street Fighter 4 Results
    16-man bracket

    1 BonesawIsReadyyy
    2 Senisan
    3 Shinryu108
    4 Solgrim
    5 Dtoid_Wedge
    5 JohnTheCrow
    7 TheCleaningGuy
    7 k0wb0y-b33b0p
    9 RPGEmperor
    9 Haxan
    9 Avalon51
    9 Casualweaponry
    13 Buriash
    13 Tha_Meat_Cleaver
    13 Squirrelyg (Forfeited)

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    Jesus H Christ's Avatar
    4,306 posts since Sep 2008

    I'll sign up to be some pad-player cannon fodder!

    PSN: JohnTheCrow

    I'm available 6PM - 10PM weekdays, and anytime on weekends. Eastern standard time.

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    Senisan's Avatar
    1,926 posts since Oct 2006


    AVAIRABIRITY: ALL DAY ERRDAY (After 5pm on the weekdays and usually all weekend)

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    PSN: casualweaponry
    Availability: After 8pm on weeknights. On the weekend, I'll end you anytime
    Timezone: EST. East Cooooooooooooast!

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    Tha Meat's Avatar
    15 posts since Nov 2008
    I'm down.
    Availability: I can make it happen whenever. Just not on Monday or Wednesdays.
    Timezone: EST

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    BulletTrain's Avatar
    1,428 posts since Mar 2008

    Since I missed the 360 boat, I'll hop on the PS3 train.

    PSNID: RPGEmperor
    Availability: Not tuesdays, thursdays or sundays; After 6 pm on weekdays; Anytime Sat.
    TimeZone: PST

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    Avalon's Avatar
    2,351 posts since Jun 2009

    PSN: Avalon51
    Availability: Whenever is cool, but Fridays and weekends are best
    Time Zone: GMT

    Probably get my ass kicked right away or something

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    FlatTop's Avatar
    456 posts since Jun 2007


    PSN: BonesawIsReadyyy
    Availability: Whenever, but Mondays and Wednesdays it has to be after 5:00
    Time Zone: PST

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    Wedge's Avatar
    1,623 posts since Dec 2006

    I'm in, even though I've been neglecting the hell out of SF IV lately.

    PSN: Dtoid_Wedge
    Avaliable: Most days 5-11 PM
    TZ: PST

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    Senisan's Avatar
    1,926 posts since Oct 2006

    We've got some interesting competition here so far! I updated the op with contestants. Let other dtoiders know about this too!

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    Count me in:
    Available Friday and Saturday evenings mostly and sporadically over weekends. (PST)

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    Shinryu's Avatar
    2,794 posts since Oct 2006


    PSN: Shinryu108
    Availability: work days 6-12 PM, plus most of the weekend
    Timezownage: CET (EST + 6)

    ...there will be lag.
    glad to see there's at least somebody else from Europe so far. I usually have some trouble connecting to US players, even though most of the time it goes well. should we have some rules concerning matches that are unplayable/dropped due to lag?

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    Senisan's Avatar
    1,926 posts since Oct 2006

    That's a good question that I'm not sure I can answer. Coin toss? GGPO or SUPERCADE(formally 2df)? Capcom game preferably. Any suggestions?

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    Dropout Decider: Vampire Savior over supercade.


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    Sign me up. My username on Psn is Squirrelyg. I'm usually available between 3pm-1m eastern time.

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    Shinryu's Avatar
    2,794 posts since Oct 2006

    c'mon guys, we're three people short of a nice square 16-fighter bracket

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    I think Senisan is on vacation for at least the next week, so you guys will either have to man the bracket yourselves, have somsone else fill in as organizer or wait for Senisan to come back.

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    Jesus H Christ's Avatar
    4,306 posts since Sep 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by Senisan82 View Post
    Registration Deadline is 02/12/2010. That weekend I'll set up the brackets and have something for you guys Sunday.

  19. 02-13-2010, 11:46 PM

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    Senisan's Avatar
    1,926 posts since Oct 2006

    @Solgrim If I can, I could put you in with a BYE and you won't need to fight until the second round because I have a feeling we're not going to have an even amount of participants. If you don't have your copy by the time your match comes up, I'll just forfeit you. Sound good?

  21. 02-14-2010, 09:05 AM

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    Shinryu's Avatar
    2,794 posts since Oct 2006

    are we planning to start this anytime soon? i'm leaving on a business trip for the next three days, I'll be back on thursday night (GMT). I dunno if I'll be able to connect to the internet, even.

    EDIT: now it's looking like I won't be back until friday night. URRRRRRRRRGHHH

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