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Thread: The Destructoid "Where are You From?" Google map

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    The Destructoid "Where are You From?" Google map

    Hey everyone,

    I created a Google map for Destructoid members to post their general locations. I figured it would be interesting to see the global distribution of members of the Destructoid community, facilitating knowing where people are for organizing NARP's, and hopefully leading to new friendships as people find out "Hey, I'm not the only Dtoid member from this small town!". All you should need is a Google account to post your location as a placemark.

    The map is available here. (I'm not sure how to embed a Google map on here, if it's possible at all)

    Some general rules/things to know:

    1. The map, although open for anybody to edit, is unlisted on Google. So, there's less of a worry that random people can stumble upon it.
    2. You don't have to post your exact location if you're concerned about privacy. Just the city, or general neighbourhood, would do.

    Update (March 29, 2010): 50 people so far!
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    Buddha's Avatar
    9,361 posts since Jun 2007

    Google doesn't know where I live.

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    We used to have one of these but I couldn't find the thread using search. I added myself to the one you made though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Spectre View Post
    We used to have one of these but I couldn't find the thread using search. I added myself to the one you made though.
    Yeah, didn't Brad Rice make it?

    I think that people kept getting deleted though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Bloodspray View Post
    Am I retarded? I can't figure out how to add the damn pin.
    Yeah, what the fuck? I can't either.

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    Tha Meat's Avatar
    15 posts since Nov 2008
    Just put my location in.

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    Just put my placemark right above my head. I can see it floating above my dorm if I stick my head out the window. :D

    Sam, you live in the woods?

    For those trying to add their location, just click edit. Three boxes will pop up in the upper left hand corner of the map. The middle button adds a placemark.

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    Apparently you can change the icon it shows. I'm fire!

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    I could have sworn we had a map thread just like this one. I can't for the life of me find it though. It was old anyway and rarely used.

    Pinned. I'm all by myself out there on the west coast. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kpax View Post
    Sam, you live in the woods?
    Nah I just eyeballed it. Surprisingly, it was pretty close to my house. I moved it into my neighborhood but not on my house because the internet is full of rapists.

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    This is precisely the thread we don't need MK to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poopface Morty View Post
    This is precisely the thread we don't need MK to see.
    Don't worry, just set up some Home Alone-esque traps (like putting up some Okami furry cosplay pics attached by string to some cans of paint).

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    Im in. I feel so far away from everyone now.

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    ...I still can't get over the fact that Serpentish lives TWO streets down from Techno, assuming he put his pin in the right place.

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    How do you change the name of your location? I'm the '86 Churchill' guy and I don't know how to change it to say 'theredpepperofdoom'.

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