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Thread: Super Street Fighter IV NEW Ranbat 1.0 (Xbox 360 Only)

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    Super Street Fighter IV NEW Ranbat 1.0 (Xbox 360 Only)

    Super Street Fighter IV has dropped and the majority of us already own the game and have been playing pretty frequently. Since this is a new game with all new elements and characters, I'm going suggest we not add vanilla Street Fighter IV's ranbat points with this game's ranbat points. If you guys feel any differently, feel free to speak up and say so.

    With that out of the way, we can get to the heart of the matter.

    Start Date: May 23, 2010


    1. No character is off limits. To encourage players to use new characters, for this particular tournament only, an extra 5 points will be awarded to players who use a character who is new to the SFIV series (Juri, Hakan, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, DeeJay, T. Hawk, Cody, Guy, and Adon ONLY). No extra points will be awarded for using a returning character's new ultra. The 5 points will only be added to your total and not for each individual match won/lost. To earn the 5 points, you must win at least 1 of the necessary 2 sets with said new characters.

    2. Each match must be played within a week. If players have issues concerning connection, scheduling or otherwise, they are to notify me and their opponent before the week is up. If the week has passed without the match being played, the appropriate player will be moved to losers bracket and then eliminated (those who made an effort to play their matches and notify me will not be penalized). No make up matches will be allowed to ensure continuity of the tournament.

    3. All matches will be best of 5 rounds, with each player needing to win 2 out of a possible 3 sets. If a draw game happens, players will play a sudden death match in a best of 3 rounds setting.

    4. All entrants must register before May 22, the day before the tournament is set to begin. If you have to drop from the tournament, let me know before the tournament's start date. There are no limitations on entrants and all match ups will be randomized using Tournament Maker.


    1. Teams will be limited to two members, to allow many teams instead of a couple of big teams. New characters are encouraged, though no added bonus points will be awarded for using them in Team Battles.

    2. Each match will be best of 5 rounds, one set only, single elimination rules apply.

    3. You may name your team whatever you wish or a default team number will be assigned to you.

    4. Each team battle victory will net each team member an additional point in the ranbat rankings. Individual victories do not count towards additional points.


    This isn't a requirement, but I would like if you guys could save your replays of your matches. If you don't feel like doing it, that's cool, but it would help catalog the progress of these tournaments and the players in them. To save your replays from any online match:

    1. Go to the Replay Channel.
    2. Go to "Battle Log."
    3. Find the match you played and watch it. During the match, if you don't want to sit through it all, you can press start and choose "Save Replay and Exit." Choosing this option will take you out of the replay and take you to "My List."
    4. You will be asked to name your replay. Ranbat1 Match1 or whatever you want to name it is fine.

    Match Queue:

    Participants - Round - Deadline
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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,208 posts since Jun 2006


    KD Alpha - MichelleMata85
    ClownBaby - TwoToneMurder
    Skagzilla - Lewdafisk
    Aerox - Aerox47
    madfigs - teampookie
    usedtabe - Us3d ta b3
    BulletTrain - bullettrain304
    JT IceFire - IceFire JT
    ZServ - ZServ
    crazy beethoven - Crazy Beethoven
    RAB - dammitrab
    BusterSlash - Mega Buster S
    Nova Prime - Seni0r Diabl0 (Those are zeros)
    sleepingagain - neverwasmine
    Captain Quincy - Captain Quincy
    Danmartigan - Danmartigan
    Jesus H. Christ - JohnTheCrow
    Gandysampras - Gandysampras
    Cataract - Cataractula
    Char Aznable - ShinigamiBV
    Katzenklavier - Kung Spoon
    Senisan82 - Senisan
    La Pared - xV0YAGERx
    TheMartino - Its The Tino
    diztrukted - Diztrukted
    casualweaponry - casualweaponry
    fatguru - guru88
    elementxero - el3m3ntxero
    mxs102 - Rusted22
    ScottyG - Scottygrayskull
    Mxyzptlk - MrMxyzptlk123
    Solgrim - John Solgrim
    Kryptinite - Kryptinite
    SteezyXL - Kid Steezy



    1st Round:
    Senisan* (DeeJay) 2 - 0 ScottyG (Juri, Zangief)
    de BLOO* (Guy) 2 - 0 SteezyXL (Ryu, DeeJay)
    Crazy Beethoven (Cammy) 2 - 0 Mxyzptlk (Ryu)
    Katzenklavier* (Gen, Dudley) 2 - 1 Sleepingagain* (Ibuki)
    Nova Prime* (Ibuki) 2 - 0 Clown Baby (Juri)
    Aerox* (DeeJay) 2 - 1 BusterSlash* (Hakan)
    Usedtabe (Guile, Ryu) 2 - 0 Gandysampras (Zangief)
    Skagzilla* (Hakan) 2 - 1 Cataract* (DeeJay, T. Hawk)
    Solgrim (Honda) 2 - 0 Diztrukted (Dudley)
    KD Alpha* (Juri, T. Hawk) 2 - 0 casualweaponry (Bison)
    elementxero wins due to forfeit by Captain Quincy
    Kryptinite wins due to forfeit by TheMartino
    Danmartigan wins due to forfeit by La Pared
    fatguru wins due to forfeit by ZServ
    Char Aznable* (Ibuki) 2 - 0 JT IceFire (Blanka)
    Kryptinite wins due to forfeit by BulletTrain

    Winners 1st Round:
    Senisan (Deejay, Balrog) 2 - 1 Katzenklavier (Gen)
    Skagzilla (Hakan) 2 - 0 fatguru (Cody)
    Crazy Beethoven (Cammy) 2 - 0 elementxero (Ibuki)
    Aerox (DeeJay) 2 - 0 usedtabe (Guile)
    KD Alpha (Chun-Li) 2 - 0 Nova Prime (Ibuki)
    Danmartigan (Ken) 2 - 0 mxs102 (DeeJay, Chun-Li)
    Solgrim (Honda) 2 - 1 Char Aznable (Zangief, Gouken)
    RAB wins due to forfeit by Kryptinite

    Winners 2nd Round:
    Danmartigan (Ken) 2 - 1 deBLOO (Guy)

    Winners Quarter Finals:
    Senisan (DeeJay, Balrog) 2 - 1 Aerox (DeeJay, Blanka)
    Danmartigan wins due to forfeit by Skagzilla
    KD Alpha (Guile) 2 - 0 Solgrim (Honda)

    Winners Semi-Finals:
    Senisan (Balrog) 2 - 0 Danmartigan (Gouken, Ken)

    Losers 1st Round:
    BulletTrain and La Pared are both eliminated from the tournament due to no notification and previous forfeits.
    mxs102 wins due to elimination of TheMartino by forfeit

    Losers 2nd Round:
    casaulweaponry (Bison) 2 - 0 ClownBaby (Cammy)
    madfigs advances due to elimination of BulletTrain
    mxs102* (DeeJay) 2 - 1 SteezyXL (Guy)
    sleepingagain (Ibuki) 2 -0 ScottyG (Juri, Zangeif)
    Cataract (Honda) 2 - 0 ZServ (Balrog)
    Mxyzptlk wins due to elimination of Captain Quincy by forfeit
    Diztrukted (Bison, Ken) 2 - 1 JT IceFire (Blanka)

    Losers 3rd Round:
    sleepingagain wins due to forfeit by Kryptinite
    Cataract (Honda) 2 - 0 Nova Prime (Ibuki)
    Katzenklavier (Gen) 2 - 0 madfigs
    usedtabe (Guile) 2 - 0 Mxyzptlk (Ryu)
    fatguru (Cody) 2 - 0 casualweaponry (Bison)
    BusterSlash wins due to forfeit by elementxero
    Char Aznable (Ibuki, Zangief) 2 - 1 mxs102 (DeeJay)

    Losers 4th Round:
    Katzenklavier (Gen) 2 - 1 usedtabe (Guile)
    Cataract (Honda) 2 - 1 Char Aznable (Zangief, Gouken)
    sleepingagain wins due to forfeit by BusterSlash

    Losers 5th Round:


    Team Podsumaki - deBLOO, KD Alpha

    Team Darky Fatts: Cataract, Danro

    Team Marshmallow Hurricane: Skagzilla, ClownBaby

    Team Big Baby Jesus: usedtabe, Char Aznable

    Team We Suck At Picking A Name: ZServ and DaShiz0265

    Team Gay Niggas From Outer Space: Senisan and casualweaponry

    Team A Gentleman and a Crook: fatguru and diztrukted

    Team Battle Bracket:

    Team Battle Results:

    1st Round:
    Podsumaki: deBLOO (Ryu, Guy), KD Alpha (N/A) 2 - 0 We Suck At Picking a Name:ZServ (Dudley) DaShiz (Chun-Li)

    Big Baby Jesus: Usedtabe (Guile), Char Aznable (N/A) 2 - 0 Marshmallow Hurricane: Skagzilla (Hakan), ClownBaby (Cammy)

    Gay Niggas from Outer Space: Casualweaponry (Bison), Senisan (Balrog) 2-1 Big Baby Jesus: Char Aznable (Zangief), Us3d ta b3 (Guile)

    *Asterisk indicates those who won a set using the new characters for additional points.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,702 posts since Feb 2007

    I'm game.

    Since we've got the better part of a month to practice still (those Endless fights we've been doing have been GREAT practice, especially with nobody sticking to one character and refusing to switch) this will get interesting.

    GT - TwoToneMurder

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,208 posts since Jun 2006

    Just your gamertag for now. Once matches are played, all I'll need are the results and characters used.

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    I missed the last ranbat, and I'm totally not missing this one.

    GT: Lewdafisk

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    15,702 posts since Feb 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by Skagzilla View Post
    I missed the last ranbat, and I'm totally not missing this one.

    GT: Lewdafisk
    Well, we've got at least one Hakan in the tourney!
    I'll probably be using either Juri, Guy or Cody (depends on who I'm best with by then), and if Usedtabe joins that's a Dudley lol

    KD, who are you liking the most out of the new cats? Juri?

    Also KD you should clear a spot in your list if possible and add me if you want.

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,208 posts since Jun 2006

    Yeah, I'll go through the list and delete anyone I don't really play with anymore.

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    GT: Aerox47

    I'll play DeeJay instead of Rose/Blanka.

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    15,702 posts since Feb 2007

    KD, you put Skag's tag wrong in the main article. Worth fixing to avoid confusion lol

    Aerox I'm sending you a friend request, I'll probably do the same for as many people who post in here as I can. Probably gotta go do some friends list cleaning myself soon.

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    I'm in... hopefully I will have improved by then

    GT: teampookie

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,208 posts since Jun 2006

    Fixed, thanks for the heads up ClownBaby.

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    BulletTrain's Avatar
    1,429 posts since Mar 2008

    Ooooooh me!

    GT: bullettrain304

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    17,999 posts since Mar 2009

    I'm in.


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    Count me in. GT: IceFire JT

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    70 posts since Mar 2007

    count me in. GT: ZServ

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    I'd like to be in. GT: Crazy Beethoven

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    nigga you know im in there

    gt: dammitrab

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    Senisan's Avatar
    1,931 posts since Oct 2006

    put me down for 2, please.

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    im in
    GT: Mega Buster S

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