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Thread: EUFNF November 16th - Polyglot Chainsaw Edition

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    EUFNF November 16th - Polyglot Chainsaw Edition

    Fun was had last week in Halo 4. Let's do it again and again until we bleed from every pore and win the battle over ourselves. You people can even play other games that may or may not be better or worse than other games if you like but don't play them if you don't like because that wouldn't be so enjoyable probably.

    Platform: Xbox Threesexty
    Game: Halo 4
    Host: Tarvu (GT: The Kinky Ninja)
    Time(s): 21:00 CET | 20:00 GMT | 15:00 EST | 12:00 PST | Oppan Gangnam Style PSY

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    I should be getting halo this week.

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    You'd only talk about how much better System Shock II was.

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    On the bright side though, if I'm doing all that talking it'd give you more time to come up with reasons why Halo 4 sucks so much whilst you play it to death.

    You need those, right?

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    I need what now?

    And hey, I never play games to the death. Except for, like, Minecraft. I buried that one.

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    I may or I may not play the Halos.

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    No that is Jimmy, silly.

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    Time to:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    Halo 4!

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    I even had a special guest appearance in the lagfest that was online splitscreen. Horrible framerate issues.

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    Really? Damn. Another nail in the coffin.

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    Splitscreen co-op is awful too. Serious LOD issues. It was ridiculous how noticeable texture and object popping was.

    I'll be buying this game on the fucking cheap, if I ever do.

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