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Thread: Darker Souls!!!

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    I got two Old Whips at the beginning once. I tailored that character to using them, and they were pretty sweet except for that fact that they broke really quick. I think if you do a whip run it should definitely be dual wielding them.

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    Were you on PC? Because having them degrade twice as fast blows

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    I was stuck on shortbow +8 for forever because I didn't know you could buy the Longbow from McDuff. Now I have a longbow +10.

    And whips would probably be harder than daggers. Daggers are small, but they're quick and have that thrust movement. +10 some daggers and you can hurt some people.
    Man that is rough. I thought you'd have at least a fancier bow.

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    Hahaha nope. Everything is upside down when it comes to items and enemy placement in SOTFS so even if I knew where to get good bows they wouldn't be in the same spot.

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    Rumor is that Dark Souls 3 w/ Miyazaki on board might get announced.

    I'd be on board with a real sequel to Dark Souls

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    Exciting. Rumors being rumors however, I'll take it with a pinch of salt.
    Last edited by Orlion; 06-02-2015 at 04:29 PM.

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    Dark Souls 2 apologists should be murdered then killed.

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    Orlion's Avatar
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    "Sacrifice Ceremonies" sounds like an interesting addition.

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    Looks fake. DS1 stuff shopped into Bloodbourne environments, HUD clearly from DS1.

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    Hmm yeah its true. And it does seem pretty out there considering they just released scholar and BB. But if they are true i wouldn't mind them milking the series tbh. At least not for another couple games.

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    Yeah, it seems pretty official. The comments were blowing up on the FP.

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    Scary, scary skelettons...

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    Is there a double jump in dark souls 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by charliewhistle View Post
    Is there a double jump in dark souls 2?

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    I first played this game on the xbox 360 and it was amazing. I loved everything about it. Once I bought the computer version I was disappointed. The game is still great but the port to PC was terrible. All the instructions it gives you on how to attack and interact with the game world are still showing up as controller commands (ie hit RB to attack). Also, the original windows 7 cursor is still in game but you can't use it for anything. It just sits there and reminds you how much better this game is on a console. If you want to play this game and PC is the only option I highly recommend buying a controller.

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