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Thread: 360 FNF: January 11th

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    It was a lot of fun just trying out different characters and finding their strengths and weaknesses out in a real setting. The only character I couldn't really get any sort of grasp on was Big Bull.

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    Anyone who plays Big Bull is a communist who hates freedom. So don't play Big Bull.

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    Yeah, it seemed like people weren't using him last night. He popped up a few times but I had to google an image just to see what he looks like. That's a pretty extravagant character design.


    I also like the trading cards. There's not much depth to the wikia yet, but it seems to be developing nicely.
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    You should see the early concept art. He has a bull-head as a codpiece and for his hammer he'd take off his own head and have it on the front of the hammer.

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    Stacked them teams like a bunch a Bitches is what y'all did. Then ran it back and was like "tee hee muh bad I forgets it was so lopsided". Cheating all around last night.

    In other words it was awesome.

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    See now if I had been playing to win, I'd have just stuck with mah Ice Queen all night. But that just didn't seem fair to the rest of you and I also wanted to see what all the other people could do. I still have seven or eight left to unlock but yeah, I've pretty much already picked my favorite.


    ^ mah new forum signature

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    It's cause of the tits right?

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    Actually it's 'cause her eyes. I like how they bring out the color of her tits.

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