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Thread: Crysis 3

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    Still playing this. Mostly Hardcore TDM and Cell vs. Rebel when I can find games. Kind of sucks how underpopulated the game is in PS3. Probably never more than 1200 online at any given time. Some playlists are ghost towns like hardcore free-for-all and some of the objective gamemodes. I'm guessing the jankiness of the game turned off most players and I kind of don't blame them. Game is still full of audio/visual bugs, connection issues, and the framerate seems like its capped at 24 FPS most of the time and goes to shit if it has to process anything more complicated than the reloading animations. Crytek could do a lot of things to make the console versions run better like making the environments a bit more static and taking out some unnecessary visual flourishes but they seem content to cram as much crap into the game no matter how badly it makes it run because TEH GRAFIX BRUH!

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    Goddammit Crytek.

    You got an underpopulated MP game (Only 350 players on PC right now) bloated with game modes nobody plays. Perfect opportunity to release either some free maps or some SP or co-op content (This game is crying for a horde mode) and what do you do? Release a $15 map pack nobody is going to buy just like you did with Crysis 2.

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