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    Hello. I'm parsleyboots. Have been from a very young age. (It's a nickname my grandfather gave me long before I started playing video games, never mind the existence of the Internet. If you think it's lame, you should hear my sister's.)

    I live in Japan at the moment, and have done for the last five years, although probably not for much longer. I don't mean I have a terminal disease or anything, just that I'll be moving back to my home country, the UK, soon.

    I've been eating the Destructoid feed for a while now, since I started using an aggregator, but was prompted to register today because I wanted to share this with everybody (and already have in the Social Lounge):


    Robots rule.

    I'd like to thank orcist for his/her pre-emptive welcome.

    P.S. I'm male.

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    Welcome dude, very nice post btw. your name's not that bad... Don't suck, man!

    Also, Cocks.

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    Parsleyboots is the greatest fucking nickname EVER! Seriously, that SO sounds like some bizarre pet name I'd come up with for a girlfriend. You automatically just became cooler than everyone else on the forums. Congrats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nex
    You automatically just became cooler than everyone else on the forums. Congrats.
    Don't let it go to your head. You still have to contend with Pucho's avatar for coolest thing on the forum. Good luck, you're gonna need it.

    Welcome, rock out, try the veal, and also, cocks.

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    Welcome and I wish I could get me a figure. Hahaha.

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    Excellent intro. The kind I'd love to see more of these days. Welcome, and parsleyboots is so random I lol'd

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    Yay parsley (parsley jokes are the best ever).

    What's green and sings? Elvis Parsley.

    er, and welcome.

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    'sup bitch, welcome and don't suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elbartoqwertyuiop
    'sup bitch, welcome and don't suck.
    You stole the words right out of my mouth. Don't suck noob.

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    Someone reported that already sorry man, thanks anyway
    & do you miss the UK?

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    Welcome, Parsley. Excellent intro, BTW.

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    if your name wasnt parsleyboots, i probably wouldnt have viewed this thread. but i did, therefore you are the great parsleyboots!

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    Thanks for all the kind words, folks.

    In answer to Poetic Justice's question, no I don't miss the UK much. Games are a lot cheaper here!

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    Well that's all great and all, but still one question remains...

    Games man! What the hell kinds of games are you into?

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    aw man Id love to visit japan! but UK is a good home


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    Please tell us your favorite games! We need to know these things, it's a sickness.

    Welcome! What is it with Brits and robot-themed gaming blogs away? We're attracting you guys like crazy.

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    Hi - So yeah.. systems, games, gotta catch 'em all... we need to know? Are you a pokemon master? Do you play God of War to participate in the naughty boing scenes? Do you!?!?

    I knew it... pervert.

    Oh yeah... Welcome!

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    Ah yes, the games. Well, the first game I ever played was probably Chuckie Egg on a BBC Micro at school. The first games I ever owned and played to death were Tetris and Super Mario Land for the Game Boy (not including an LCD racing game, or Zelda Game & Watch). Other major obsessions have included Super Mario World, Street Fighter II and its amendments, Zelda, Metal Slug, Virtua Fighter, Castlevania SOTN, Super Metroid, Mario Kart, Enthusia, Project Gotham Racing, Ridge Racer, Final Fantasy VII, etc. I could go on. Recently, I have been mostly playing SD Gundam G Generation Portable.

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    Welcome Don't suck Oh And surprise Ass sex!!!!!!!!!!

    Also Cocks!!

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    Welcome Don't suck Oh And surprise Asssex!!!!!!!!!!

    Also Cocks!!

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