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Thread: Photography Thread! [OOOOO Pretty Pictures!]

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    My mam just sent me this photo of my cat. Something's definitely up with her camera...

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    A supernaturally distorted picture it seems like... I would recommend an exorcism for the entire grounds, but until that can be arranged- burn sage and keep white candles lit; you do not want to be left alone in the dark, and you should not investigate any strange sounds in case of manifestations.

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    I'm not at home at the moment, so it's okay. I'm sure my parents will be fine with a few phantasms.

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    Maybe you can have a new friend called Casper

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    It's not phantasms your parents need to be worried about, it's poltergeists and other vengeful spirits.

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    I'm not down on my paranormal lingo. Is 'phantasm' not a catch-all term for ghosts?

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    just call the ghostbusters already and get it over with, sheesh

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    Phantasms aren't very dangerous. They also don't mess with cameras like that. They're like the shadowy blur on the edge of your vision that disappears when you look at it.

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    Here's fun to bump the thread with: Amazon has successfully patented the 'technique' of using a seamless white background in studio photography.

    America, sort your patent laws out, because god damn.

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