Fun Things To Do In Charleston South Carolina

As the oldest city in South Carolina, Charleston attracts visitors to the area year round. They come to the area for various reasons, and with so many attractions and activities to see and do, tourists come back to the ‘Holy City’ year after year.

It does not matter whether you want to see the Civil War historical sites such as Fort Sumter or Patriot’s Point, or you want visit the new and modern attractions in the Lowcountry like the South Carolina Aquarium and the Children’s Museum, you can find all of these things and more in this historic city. There are several local beaches that you must visit while you are in Charleston like Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach. Fortunately, you can access these beaches any time of year.


It has finally become official. Charleston is finally being recognized on the national stage as a city that has popular modern cuisine and fine dining. Currently, over 200 restaurants you can choose from if you are looking for an unique dining experience on the Charleston Peninsula. In fact, several of these restaurants have James Beard award-winning chefs in their kitchens. In addition, many of these restaurants can also boast about their AAA rating.

If you are visiting the city for the first time, it is important to follow an important rule. When dining out, do not take your own culinary dining path. Instead, choose restaurants where locals eat. Locals will also be very quick to tell you that one of the best ways to end a day of sightseeing and shopping is to enjoy a meal at an area restaurant.


Some of the state’s largest and best shopping malls, centers and outlets are in Charleston. These stores can be found in the historic downtown area as well as the surrounding suburbs and towns.

Located right on the peninsula, historic Charleston is forever preserved in boutique shops that line the streets, and the noticeable absence of large, big box department stores. Although there are some national brands that have moved into the downtown area, shopping in this area is truly a unique experience.

The shopping scene is divided into four distinct areas:

Market Street
Upper King
Middle King
Lower King

Charleston is a city that is an unique merger of the Old World and the newer amenities. Take a day trip or spend your next vacation in one of the oldest and interesting cities in the country.